Overnight “Staycation” Care

Our specialty is overnight "staycation" pet sitting for those pets who don't like to be alone.

This service provides security and well being for your pets and worry free absence for you.

perfection pet sitting for dogs and cats

Overnight Basics

  • Overnight stay includes pet sitter being with 1-2 pets residing in the same family household for breakfast, dinner and bedtime.
  • Pet sitter must be notified when service is requested for other guest pets (pets not residing in the same family household) that will be at the pet sitting residence. Guest pets are an additional charge and a consult must be done prior to the pet sitting service.
  • Visits include feeding, watering, dog walks or yard time along with poop pick up, cat litter box scooping and cleanup of scattered litter and, of course, lots of play time and loving.
  • Overnight stays are $90 and above for each night spent.
  • Pricing is dependent on travel distance and/or time required.
  • Additional regular daytime visit charges are $25 per 30 minute visit.
  • Additional charge of $20 per holiday stay.
  • Supplies for pet sitter are to be provided by the client (clean bed, clean and fresh linens and set of towels, coffee pot, microwave, etc. as needed). House must be clean prior to pet sitter arriving at home for pet sitting service. Instructions for operating the television and WiFi information will be needed. In addition, all pet environments must be clean before the service is started or you will be charged for the additional time in which to do this.

Overnight Details

Outside time for dogs, whether on walks or during yard time, during storms or other severe weather (extreme hot or cold temperatures, ice, snowfall, lightening, etc.) will be a quick out to do their business with the rest of the time spent together inside. We will keep your dogs away from other dogs and people while on walks whenever possible. We will leave a note each visit or at the end of the "staycation" visits letting you know how everything went.

Regular Visit Hours

Additional regular hour visit charges are $25 for each 30 minute visit for 1-2 pets residing in the same family household. Times may be adjusted to meet the needs of your pet. Extended visits over 30 minutes are available at an additional charge.

Morning 8 amuntil10 am
Midday 11 amuntil  2 pm
Afternoon 3 pmuntil  5 pm
Evening 6 pmuntil  8 pm

There may be an additional $5 charge for each pet per visit for more than 2 pets (i.e.: $30 per visit for 3 pets). This may be subject to change dependent on the needs of the pets being cared for and will be at the discretion of the PPC owner.

Additional charges will be applied for requested extended visits or if the visits will require a longer period of time spent with the pet. Additional charges may also be applied for administering medications, if additional time is needed for cleaning due to a mess or destruction caused by the pets or for extended travel. Any additional charges will be determined at the discretion of the PPC, LLC owner.


An additional charge of $20 will be applied for each overnight stay during holidays. The following are considered holidays:

  • New Year's Eve and Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • President's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Day & day after
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day & day after


We will also do the following during "staycation" visits:

  • Take in mail, papers and packages
  • Take trash and recycling out/in for weekly pick up
  • Alternate blinds/curtains
  • Turn inside and outside lights on/off
  • Water a few inside plants