Perfection Pet Care Policies

Please understand that we have made time available for your scheduled pet sitting visits or overnight stays and may have turned down other requests for pet sitting during that time. We currently operate as a solo proprietor pet sitting service which makes our time for you exclusive in many instances and requests are handled on a first come first serve basis.  However, all pet sitting services are only reserved for you once either a 50% deposit or full service payment is made as determined and then received by the PPC, LLC owner.

Pet Sitting Service Payments

Initial pet sitting service payments at consults and all pet sitting holiday reservations must be paid in advance in full. At the PPC, LLC owners determination,  future pet sitting service payments-with the exception of holiday reservations-may be made with a 50% non-refundable deposit or the non- refundable full service payment may be left at the first visit of a service once a client is considered established.

Refunds and Credits:  No refunds are issued for any payments or deposits on any of our pet sitting services.  No refunds are issued if you leave later than expected or return earlier than expected.

Credits towards future pet sitting services may be issued at the discretion of the PPC, LLC owner.  However, credits not used within a year will be relinquished. 

Keys:  If you have indicated to us that you do not wish us to retain your keys and to leave them in the house at the last visit (and there must be a way to leave the home locked and secure), please note that we will not be able to continue additional services if you should need them.  Also, there will be a charge to come to your home to get the keys if you should request our services again.  The charge will be the current minimum 30 minute visit rate.  We do not allow keys to be placed “under the mat” or anywhere else for us to pick them up or leave them for your return as this is not safe/secure.  If you wish to discontinue our services and want your keys returned, we will drop them off for a $25 fee or you may request to have them mailed to you for a $25 fee.  If you need a key brought to your home because you have locked yourself out, have had a guest arrive, etc. we will drop one off for a $25 fee.

Severe and Winter Weather:    We may need to arrive earlier or later than scheduled to provide service.  During winter, please make arrangements to have your driveway, sidewalks and stairs shoveled and made free of snow and ice as we are unable to assist and must have a clear path into the home.  If a clear path into the home is not provided we may not be able to provide service. 


Pet Sitting Visits or Overnights and Holidays

Regular, early or late night visits (daily or occasional) must be received by 9 am of the day the cancellation is to occur in order to be considered for a credit towards future visits.  Cancellations made after 9 am of the day of the cancellation will not receive credit towards future visits.  Cancellations must be made by text or phone call. 

Overnight pet sitting services must be cancelled 14 days prior to the start of the service in order to receive a 50% credit towards future services (with the exception of holiday services).  No credit will be issued for overnight services cancelled after the 14 days which occur prior to the start of the overnight stays.  Cancellations must be made by text or phone call.

Any holiday pet sitting visits or overnights are in high demand, and, therefore, subject to a no refund or no credit policy. 

Other applicable policies may be shared with you as needed by the PPC, LLC owner as they all cannot be listed.

All pricing, policies, etc. are at the discretion of the PPC, LLC owner and are subject to change at any time.