About PPC

About Gail, Owner of PPC

  • Over 50 years involvement with local humane society
  • Life's passion to care for animals
  • Lifetime volunteer work with all types of animals
    - rescuing them in disasters
    - transporting them to safe havens
    - providing shelter care for them
  • Has cared for countless dogs and cats, young and old
    alike, in addition to small caged pets, birds and fish
  • Trained in pet First Aid
  • What sets Gail apart from other pet sitting care providers:

    • Experienced in canine, feline and other pet enrichment to give your pets a unique, exciting and entertaining mental stimulation experience
    • Extensive knowledge and expertise gained over 50 years of involvement with animals
    • As a solo pet sitter business owner, she ensures consistent pet provider care as the same pet sitter will service you and develop a personal relationship with you and your pets

I LOVE my pet care business! I was born to do this. I wake up every day inspired to go to work - although I don't consider it to be "work"- and I return home after caring for other peoples' pets feeling fulfilled. I truly love providing the perfect care to those pets for which I am privileged to provide care.

   — Gail

Our dog at the time was quite timid with strangers and noises. The pet care giver was so gentle, patient, and understanding with him.

Our pet sitter's compassion is demonstrated each time I have had this sitter watch my four cats. They each have 'special needs' personalities, yet every time I come home to four peaceful and contented creatures and an immaculate home.

Our pet care provider is a very caring, loving and trustworthy pet sitter. It is obvious that this individual truly cares about animals and their well-being.

Personal and professional references, along with numerous past and present client references, are available upon request.


"We will continue to teach the world that animals matter."

Gail Monick, PPC Owner

"All pricing is at the discretion of the PPC, LLC owner and are subject to change at any time."